Phoebe Decker Photo

Phoebe Decker


Movement Worker

Phoebe joined RSY-Netzer in 5769 at the earliest opportunity after being inspired by her siblings and fellow Kol Chai members who had attended in years past. She has been involved ever since which has shaped her ascent into adulthood by forging lifelong friendships and becoming more politically and socially active. She attributes her passion for Reform Jewish activism and music to RSY-N, and her devotion to inclusivity. After studying History and Politics and graduating from the University of Sussex, Phoebe is overjoyed to be working for the Movement that has supported her for so many years and hopes to provide the most unforgettable experience for all those involved in a truly special movement.

Please contact Phoebe is you have any questions about Choref, Tour, Shemesh, or Reform community outreach.