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Shnat Netzer – Gap Year

Shnat Netzer is a unique 5 month gap year program for young adults in Israel.

Shnat Netzer facilitates personal development, offers opportunities to study Jewish and Zionist ideals and provides a structured environment for learning about and experiencing Netzer’s principles.

Shnat Netzer is an exciting, challenging and stimulating way to spend a year in Israel and to be part of a communal way of life. Shnat Netzer will broaden your horizons; offering opportunities to discover yourself and what it means to be Jewish and live in Israel from a progressive perspective.

On Shnat Netzer you will be able to form life- long friendships both with your peers from RSY-Netzer and with other Jews from around the world whom you will meet throughout the year. If you have been involved with a Netzer branch or if you have grown up in a Reform/ Progressive Jewish community and you are wondering where to go from here, this is the natural way to continue that involvement. It’s a chance to acquire a whole new range of skills and abilities and many wonderful memories.

The year is spent with participants from all over the world, including South Africa, Australia, Argentina, North America, the Former Soviet Union and Europe. Together you will be able to develop skills and share experiences to help you become knowledgeable youth leaders.

Overview and Aims

Shnat Netzer is a unique 5-month leadership training programme in Israel for recent school graduates, under the direction of RSY-Netzer and Netzer Olami, The International Reform Zionist Youth Movement.  The Shnat Netzer year develops the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in the Reform Movement, your community or at university campus.  The programme facilitates personal development, study of Jewish and Zionist ideals, as well as the Reform Movement’s principles and ideology, both in and out of the classroom.

The Shnat Netzer year is a fun, challenging and stimulating way to spend 5 months in Israel and to be a member of an exciting and vibrant group.

The Shnat Netzer year’s goals are:

  • To experience the vitality and diversity of Israel from border to border and sea to sea
  • To grow as a person, a leader and a Jew
  • To gain a deeper understanding of Jewish and Zionist ideals from a Reform Jewish perspective
  • To make choices in a multi-cultural environment
  • To become proficient in Hebrew