Shnat Financial Assistance

The base cost of Shnat 5780/2020 was £9000. For the ‘add-on’ of Kibbutz Lotan, there was an additional cost of £1500.

There are numerous sources of funding within the Jewish Community. We would also encourage you to look beyond those listed below, contacting Jewish schools and synagogues, and searching the internet for private gap year scholarships, either Jewish or otherwise.

Financial Assistance for Shnat is available through many different formats:

  • Masa Israel – they offer a basic grant for every Shnat participant. You can also apply for a need-based scholarship, calculated based on your individual financial circumstances.
  • The UJIA – they offer needs-based scholarships which any participant can apply for. An application form for UJIA funding will need to be filled out along with an external reference form. We will pass these onto the UJIA to be reviewed anonymously by an external committee.
  • Your Synagogue – many Reform synagogues offer members some financial assistance for Shnat. When you apply for funding from the UJIA, RSY-Netzer will automatically contact your synagogue about this. If you do not belong to a Reform Synagogue, it still may be worth enquiring whether your community would help fund a gap year in Israel.
  • RSY-Netzer – we have needs-based funding available, which takes into account multiple factors including parental income, funding awarded through other sources and the participant’s past commitment to the movement. When you apply for funding from the UJIA, you will automatically be assessed for funding from RSY-Netzer as well. All applications for funding will be assessed by an external committee and treated with strict confidentiality.
  • Other – Masa Israel provides a list of other sources of funding which can be found by clicking here. Certain sources are only available to participants from the US, but you should be eligible to apply for some of them.

Please contact for more information:

020 8349 5666