Shemesh Summer Camp 5781 – old

Tuesday 29th July – Tuesday 12th August 2020!

Provisional dates

Shemesh is the summer camp for RSY-Netzer! Click here find out more about RSY-Netzer. Shemesh is a chance for your child to spend two weeks (or 7 nights if they are on Briyah) in a Reform community. On each camp there are a range of fun activities to join in with, as well as space to chill out and relax!

Our volunteer leaders were themselves participants on Shemesh and have been involved in RSY-Netzer for a number of years. Our leaders provide a friendly face to educate, inspire and encourage your children. All this while being part on an active, friendly and supportive RSY-Netzer Community.

Applications for Shemesh will be released within the coming months. Please contact Alyson if you have any questions at 020 8349 5666 or email

Dates for Shemesh 5781 (2021): Tuesday 29th July – Tuesday 12th August!

Day Camp/Garinim (Seeds) *Non-Residential* – School years reception – year 6 / ages 5-11 years old (Provisionally, Garinim week 1 is from the 29th July – 2nd August).

Machane Briyah (Creation) – School years 5 and 6 / ages 10-11 years old

Machane Shachar (Dawn) – School year 7 / aged 12

Machane Emunah (Faith) – School year 8 / aged 13

Machane Reut (Friendship) – School year 9 / aged 14

Machane Atid (Future) – School year 10 / aged 15


Summer Launch Weekend: 25th-27th June

Machane: 29th July-12th August

For more information about RSY-Netzer Shemesh, please contact Alyson Joseph on 020 8349 5666 or