Shemesh Summer Camp 5781/2021

Shemesh is the can’t-miss residential summer camp for RSY-Netzer! Shemesh is a chance for your child to spend two weeks (or 7 nights if they are on Briyah) in a Reform community. On each camp there are a range of fun activities to join in with, as well as space to chill out and relax!

We are really hoping to be able to see all of our chanichim (participants) on camp this summer and are working hard to try to make Shemesh happen in a safe way, whilst remaining as fun and inspirational as ever. We will continue to provide updates whenever possible about Shemesh as the current situation evolves.

Provisional dates for Shemesh 5781/2021
Years 5-6 (Briyah): 29th July – 5th August
Year 7 (Shachar): 29th July – 6th August
Years 8, 9 & 10 (Emunah, Reut & Atid): 29th July – 12th August


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