Shemesh 5781

Shemesh is the can’t-miss residential summer camp for RSY-Netzer! Shemesh is a chance for your child to spend two weeks (or 7 nights if they are on Briyah, 10 nights if they are on Shachar) in a Reform community. On each camp there are a range of fun activities to join in with, as well as space to chill out and relax!

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Dates for Shemesh 5781/2021

Year 5+6: Briyah, 29th  Jul – 5th Aug
Year 7: Shachar, 29th Jul – 8th Aug
Year 8+9: Remunah, 29th Jul – 12th Aug
Year 10: Atid, 29th Jul – 12th Aug

For any questions please email Alyson Joseph ( or call on 020 8349 5666.