Remote Synagogue Youth

We know that the upcoming weeks and months may hold a lot of ambiguity and highly increased time at home for all of our chaverimot (members). So, we at RSY-Netzer have created Remote Synagogue Youth, a programme of online activities to engage children aged 5-16 for a few hours each day (Monday-Friday).

We hope that this will give them a space to make friends, be mentally stimulated and have FUN, all whilst giving a little more structure to time at home.

The activities will take place in age brackets (YR1-2, YR3-4, YR5-6, YR7-9, YR10-11) and will range from virtual active time, facilitated at-home arts & crafts, classic RSY games and much, much more.

See the tochnit (timetable) for this week’s activities – and keep checking this webpage for weekly updates!

Sign your child/ren up here to this virtual RSY-Netzer experience, and we will keep you updated on tochniot (schedules) for each week, send you links for your child/ren to partake in activities and alert you of what fun things are coming up each day.

We want to reiterate that our priority is to build community and provide a structure to support and engage chanichimot (participants) and madrichimot (leaders) alike. We hope that this will be an impactful and joyful way of caring for everyone’s wellbeing. Please do be in touch with any queries, questions or feedback.

RSY-Netzer Fun Pack

Do you need ideas for how to pass the time? Don’t worry, we’ve done all of the thinking for you! Here’s our very own Fun Pack filled with creative, exciting, energetic, interesting and FUN activities for you to do at home.

Let us know what you get up to!

Bereavement Support for Children and Young People

Given the harsh reality of the current pandemic, now more than ever it will be necessary for many of us to navigate at times difficult, upsetting and painful conversations about death with our children and young people. We have compiled this document to provide guidance and support for parents, guardians and care givers alike. More than ever, we must help one and other to communicate and show compassion and love in these challenging times.