Parents’ Information

We are proud of our reputation for high-quality, fun Israel tours. Our aim is to enhance and strengthen our participant’s Jewish identity. We create an inclusive and safe social environment where participants enjoy a variety of fun and challenging experiences allowing everyone to shape their personal opinions and beliefs, whilst building a community together.

RSY-Netzer is part of the world-wide Reform youth movement Netzer (Reform Zionist Youth), who are based in Israel. In addition to working with Netzer and The Movement for Reform Judaism, RSY-Netzer also works closely with Israel Experience (both in the UK and Israel), which is part of the Jewish Agency and UJIA; both are crucial for the smooth planning and running of tour.

Here some things to expect from RSY-Netzer Israel Tour:

– a unique RSY-Netzer community atmosphere

– exploring the beautiful Negev desert

– Snorkeling in Eilat and Floating in the Dead Sea

– Volunteering with diverse communities

– hiking and sleeping under the stars

– high quality and experience leaders

– the sun rise over Masada

– rafting down the Jordan River

– and much much MORE!


We understand that parents want to know how their children are doing while they tour around Israel.  At RSY-Netzer keeping parents informed is a top priority.  Before Tour we make sure you have all of the information about the programme and once on Tour, we send you daily email updates (especially as the participants are sometimes having so much fun they forget to call, so we make sure that you are kept informed of their whereabouts).  We also have a Mekasher/et (RSY-Netzer’s representative) in Israel who will look after our tours and, in case of emergency, is available to you by phone 24 hours a day.  Finally, of course, you can always call us in the office.

Safety & Security

RSY-Netzer has a longstanding reputation for upholding high levels of security. Israel Experience Ltd in Jerusalem maintains contact with the appropriate Israeli security authorities who check all our itineraries on a daily basis and keep RSY-Netzer updated. There is close supervision of groups at all times.

RSY-Netzer prides itself on its professional approach towards the health and safety of our participants. Our leaders go through a detailed training programme.

We have experience in supporting young people with medical and social issues that were either present before or become evident during tour in a holistic, organised, sensitive and safe manner. We have a strict confidentiality policy and comply with national standards. RSY-Netzer also has a longstanding reputation for professional welfare support.

  • Throughout their stay, RSY-Netzer groups reside in secure accommodations
  • Itineraries are reviewed daily – and changed as necessary – to ensure that planned routes and destinations provide the highest level of safety
  • With appropriate safety protocols in place, RSY-Netzer provides comprehensive touring and learning programs focused on ancient and modern Israel
  • RSY-Netzer’s leaders consult daily with the Security Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel who are in constant contact with the government, police, and military authorities
  • RSY-Netzer groups do not travel in the West Bank or in or near the Gaza Strip
  • RSY-Netzer groups are accompanied by an Israeli security guard at all times and travel only in our own chartered buses – never on public transportation
  • Parents can reach RSY-Netzer staff 24 hours a day for the duration of the programme
  • RSY-Netzer group leaders carry mobile phones and can be reached anytime in case of emergency

Financial Assistance

We want to include as many people as possible. Financial assistance is available through The Movement for Reform Judaism (MRJ) and UJIA to applicants who can’t meet the full cost of the programme. Through bursarfunding, The MRJ and UJIA aim to offer young people the opportunity to take part in a Youth Movement Israel Tour. The MRJ and UJIA bursary funds will assist individuals to the best of their ability based on a means tested process.

The MRJ and UJIA Bursary Fund Committees guarantee complete confidentiality throughout the process and that the identities of the recipients of bursaries remain anonymous.  If you are in a financial situation where you are unable to afford the full cost of the programme, please tick the appropriate box on the Enrolment Form and a Financial Assistance Form will be sent to you.  Financial Assistance forms must be sent to the RSY-Netzer Office no later than Friday 7 February 2014.  The £375 deposit must be sent with the Enrolment Form. Forms received after this date may not be considered.

Read more: Important Information here.

For more information, call Alyson Joseph on 0208 349 5666.