Shnat 5784

RSY-Netzer, is one of the two UK branches of Netzer Olami (Netzer worldwide), who bring together many other youth movements from around the world from all across Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, South and central America and more!

During Shnat Netzer, many Netzer Sniffim come together to spend a ‘year’ in Israel, seeking to further their Progressive Jewish education, and further their hadracha. These countries often include: Australia, Germany, South Africa.

Shnat Netzer! An incredible opportunity for a fulfilling, hadracha gap year in Israel! During Shnat you will meet others from Netzer Olami in the same shichvah as you, whilst living with them and learning about other progressive Jewish values from around the world. Shnat Netzer 5784 offers and incredible programme, where you will embark on a journey of discovery and live new experiences. You will have the opportunity to explore your own Jewish identity , understanding how this may shape your daily life, all whilst moving around Israel. You will also have the chance to make positive changes to Israeli Society based on progressive and Reform Jewish values. To find out more about this incredible programme please follow the link below!

If you are in year 13 and are interested in hearing more about Shnat (2025) , register your interest below!