Machane B’Yachad (Camp Together) is
for school years 10 & 11/S4 & S5

30 December 2022 – 2nd January 2023


This year there’s the unique opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve with RSY- Netzer!!!

Applications are closed for 5783!

Who else will be there?

MBY is the perfect chance to meet other young Jewish people from all around the country, and creates the space where individuals are able to connect with Judaism in a unique, positive way!

Choref (winter camp) is the special time when all chaverimot (friends) from RSY-Netzer can be together. All camps are on the same site so siblings, families and friends are able to see each other!

Our events are primarily ran by our incredible fully-trained madrichimot (leaders) and our tzvatimot (teams of leaders) also consist of a professional wellbeing officer and a qualified medic.

If you have any questions about MBY please give Alyson Joseph a call on 020 8349 5666 or email

What does Machane B’Yachad include?

MBY, is an incredible immersive experience, with the perfect balance between education and fun! This year there is a key focus on Reform Judaism, where we explore different practices in different creative ways, opening individual’s eyes to possibly new traditions and practices. Meanwhile, this year there is also the opportunity to try out some incredible site activities!

Over the 4 days, there will be many opportunities to explore the different areas of prayer, in a creative and meaningful way, including Birkat Hamazon and a very special Kabalat Shabbat Service!

We work hard to create an inclusive environment, where everyone feels comfortable and is able to participate in all activities. We will support individuals from the moment they step on the coach, throughout every day and during meal times.   If your child would like to come on camp and needs additional support, our Wellbeing Team will call you once we receive the application.  If you would like to discuss prior to applying, please contact Sharon Daniels (

Why Machane B’Yachad?

Machane B’Yachad, meaning camp together, is the perfect winter event for Year 10 and 11s/S4 and S5 only! This year we have the rare chance of spending New Year’s Eve with RSY-Netzer, meaning an evening full of Kef (fun) and celebrations with old friends and new!

MBY presents the perfect opportunity for those in Year 10 (p4), creating a great space to catch up with friends and create new friends, all whilst getting a mid-year RSY-Netzer fix. Whilst for year 11s (P5), this is a great chance to experience RSY-Netzer before Israel Tour!

This year we’re able to offer the chance to try out someone incredible site activities, where you’re able to challenge yourself, and push yourself to try new exciting activities!

Each RSY-Netzer event presents different opportunities and experiences. This 4 day camp, is the perfect opportunity for anyone, whether it’s your first RSY-Netzer event or 5th!