Sheleg (snow) is our winter camp for school years 4-6/P5-P7.

Dates: 30 December 2021- 2nd January 2022

Spend NYE with RSY-Netzer!!!

Applications are now OPEN! Click here to sign up!

Sheleg (snow) is the perfect winter experience for you to create new, and renew old friendships with people your own age from all over the country.  For new participants Sheleg is a great introduction to RSY-Netzer; for old-timers it is a wonderful reunion.  It is a 3 night residential and its friendly environment is perfect if you have not been away from home before.

You will have plenty of time to relax, hang out with friends aged 8-11, make new friends and talk with leaders. With such a wide age range time a lot of the time is spent in separate groups with the younger ones together and the older children together. We also make arrangements so that people feel comfortable meeting new people from the moment you get on the coach, through each day, and at meal times.

Even better… You will have a chance to connect with Judaism in a positive way. You will find Sheleg to be a very Jewish place with some very special moments throughout – RSY-Netzer Shabbat, singing birkat hamazon, creative prayer each day – all give a inspiring and new way to feel and be Jewish.

Our experienced, fully trained leaders and professional welfare framework helps to create an ideal atmosphere for a safe and exciting winter camp. Come on Sheleg and have loads of fun this winter; one that you will not possibly be able to forget!

If you have any questions about Sheleg please give Alyson a call on 020 8349 5666 or email