Machane B’Yachad

Machane B’Yachad (Camp Together) is for years 10&11/S4&S5

Dates: 30 December 2021- 2nd January 2022

Spend NYE with RSY-Netzer!!!

Applications are now OPEN!Click here to sign up!

Machane B’Yachad (Camp Together), is the perfect winter event for Year 10 and 11s/S4 and S5.

On MBY, it’s an opportunity for you to immerse yourself learning all about the culture and Jewish diaspora across the world!  You will take a theoretical journey across four continents engaging with traditions and practices you may not have explored before.

For year 10’s/p4 it is a great chance to get your mid-school year fix of RSY-Netzer and for year 11s/p5 this is a great way to experience RSY-Netzer before Israel Tour, spending 3 nights catching up with old friends and making new ones.