Machane Atid

Machane Atid – Future (school year 10, aged 15)

2020 Dates: 28th July- 11th August

Applications will open soon.

If you have any questions please contact Alyson Joseph on 020 8349 5666 or

Atid is a once in a lifetime under the stars experience in the beautiful countryside! With friends old and new, you’ll create a unique atmosphere in your very own RSY-Netzer community.Unique to Atid you can expect to go on an adventurous two-week camping experience that includes an incredible three-day hike (tiyul) through the beautiful UK countryside.
You will develop your knowledge and understanding of Reform Judaism, Israel and social action. You’ll have the opportunity to make choices about what you would like to explore on camp allowing you to take the lead this summer. You will engage in peer leadership, preparing and running activities for each other, taking the first step on your hadracha  (leadership) journey with RSY-Netzer.
Coming on Atid also guarantees you a place on RSY-Netzer Israel Tour!

Check out what you’d need to bring on Machane Atid here!