Shemesh: Kit List for Machane Atid

The items listed below are essential parts of the kit list. Not having these items could, in some cases, endanger your child’s health and safety. Please ensure that your child takes ALL of the Specific Items as without these s/he may be prevented from participating in some of the activities.



As we are ‘living’ in tents a suitcase is NOT suitable. You should bring a sports bag/rucksack that can be carried and is suitable for camping, and no more than 20kg in weight. We will be going on an overnight hike so another sturdy small rucksack is vital. This should go over both shoulders and support the back.


A good strong pair of Walking Boots is a must. They should support the ankle and have a good sole. Do not buy these the week before you come to Shemesh – it is very important for you to break in these boots before you arrive, otherwise you will get enormous blisters which can lead to extreme pain and discomfort. Try a week or two of continuous wear.

Walking Socks

These should be proper walking socks, bought from a camping shop and must fit well. You will need a minimum of three pairs. Wear either one or two pairs for walking – whichever is more comfortable.

Cagoule and waterproof trousers

Low quality is not good enough if caught in wet weather. Get a 100% WATERPROOF, GUARANTEED ONE.

Sleeping Bag and Camping Mat

It will get cold at night, a warm outdoor bag will be necessary. Also required is a camping mat to sleep on.

Warm Clothes

It gets very cold in the evening, so it is important to bring with warm jumpers, sweatshirts and fleeces. We would recommend bringing at least 4 warm items.

Water Bottle and Strap

At least 1 litre, and with a strap. Remember a large bottle will be heavy when full.


Any type will do that are comfortable to walk in.

Insect Repellent

We recommend bringing insect replant, bite cream and anti-histamine.


Party Clothes
3/4 pairs of cotton trousers
No jeans as they absorb water
Lotion, Insect Repellent,
Warm clothes, it will get cold!
Swimming costume/trunks
Suitable clothes for Shabbat
Old clothes (that maybe ruined)
Anorak, cagoule or raincoat
Plain white T-shirt (for painting on)


Sleeping bag
Camping mat

Other Bits & Bobs

Large Torch and Whistle
Toiletries and Sponge/Flannel
Towels: Showering
Sunhat and Antihistamine
Sun cream