SHEMESH 2022/5782

Having successfully run Shemesh in 2021, with Covid restrictions still in place, we feel confident we will be able to offer a fun, memorable and Covid-safe environment for Shemesh 2022.

We take the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in RSY-Netzer seriously and we will follow Government and National Youth Agency (NYA) guidance on delivering youth activities safely in out-of-school settings.  This document is based on current guidance.  We will update this document to keep you abreast of developments, and if your child/ward is registered for an event, we will keep you updated directly by email.

How will RSY-Netzer manage the risk of COVID-19 on Camp?

We will undertake a full Risk Assessment in line with government guidance and ensure all staff are appropriately trained to implement and follow this guidance.  As is our usual practice, we will have a Medic and a Wellbeing Officer on each site to ensure the highest standards are maintained. 

We expect that all chanichimot (participants) and madrichimot (leaders) will have to undertake a lateral flow test prior to coming on Shemesh, and will be unable to attend without a negative result.  We may also require additional lateral flow tests during the event.  We reserve the right to request all chanichimot (participants) and madrichimot (leaders) be vaccinated, unless medically exempt.

Everyone on camp will be expected to comply with hygiene measures including regular hand sanitising and sharing responsibility for keeping the site clean and tidy.  We will comply with any other government guidance on social distancing and precautionary measures, such as mask-wearing or minimising physical contact.  Final guidance will be given to all participants and parents/guardians in writing prior to departure and anyone failing to comply with this guidance may be asked to leave camp.   Participants with additional needs may be exempt from some requirements and this must be agreed in advance of camp.

Our sites will be professionally cleaned regularly.  All indoor areas will be well-ventilated during day time hours, and we will be outdoors whenever possible.

We will limit people coming onto and leaving sites to maintain the ‘camp bubble’. 

What happens if someone gets COVID-19 during Camp?

We will have a qualified Medic (nurse or paramedic) on each site.  We will have space to isolate people who are unwell with covid-19 symptoms, and participants and leaders will be expected to comply with the Medic’s decision regarding isolation.  We will work with local health providers to ensure PCR tests are completed swiftly and will follow the guidance given by Track and Trace.  If your child/ward has a positive test during camp, or is a close contact of someone who tests positive, you may be expected to collect them from camp.

What if RSY-Netzer has to cancel or curtail Camps due to COVID-19?  Will I get my money back?

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel or curtail our summer camps, including due to Government guidance or other COVID-19 related safety concerns, we will do everything in our power to maximise the refund we can provide. The closer we get to camp, the greater the costs we will incur; please be assured we are doing our best to minimise these costs.

Due to the risk of cancellation or curtailment, we strongly encourage you to investigate whether any existing family annual travel insurance policies cover the risk of cancellation, and if not, to purchase travel insurance to protect against this risk.

What happens if my child has COVID-19 or is having to self-isolate and cannot attend camp?

Cancellation for any reason prior to camp is subject to our normal Cancellation T&Cs. Again, we strongly encourage you to seek travel insurance to cover this risk. 

If you have to close camp while in progress, how will my child get home?

Should we have to cancel the remainder of camp, RSY- Netzer will exercise reasonable endeavours to secure transport home for participants. If we are unable to do this, you will be required to collect your child from camp.