Going to Bed

Some children who come on camp suffer from difficulties getting to sleep and from other problems connected with sleeping such as night terrors, nightmares, sleep walking, sleep talking and bed wetting.

Over the years, with help from parents, we have come up with a number of ways to help your child cope during camp. We are also keenly aware of the sensitivity around these issues.

We will be guided by you as to what works for your child, and are happy to administer medications or alternative remedies as directed by you.

Please tell us about your child’s needs on the Welfare and Medical Form. In most cases our Welfare Officer will be in contact with you to discuss making appropriate arrangements for your child’s care while at camp.

Difficulties getting to sleep

We take this issue seriously as we understand that not being able to fall asleep can be a cause of great stress for children who may feel lonely at night. We would like to reassure you that every evening, after putting the children to rest in their dorms, the leaders wait until the children are quiet and the lights are off and only then go to their meeting. Every evening, two or three leaders are left patrolling the dorm area to make sure the participants remain settled. These leaders stay on duty until all the participants are asleep.

We have found that those who have difficulties getting or staying asleep often find it reassuring to listen to relaxing music. If you think this would help your child we strongly advise that your child bring an Mp3 player and a charger (bare in mind . Please be aware that RSY-Netzer can not take any responsibility for the loss of personal items.

If your child likes to read, we would recommend that your child brings a personal hands free reading light and a book.

Sleep walking

We will usually inform your child’s dorm leaders if sleep walking is an issue so that they are aware that this may occur. If your child agrees, we may tell their room mates so that everyone may be aware of the situation. We will take your advice as to how best to manage it should an incident occur.

It is important for you to let us know how likely it is that your child will sleep walk, and also for you to advise us about how to get them back to bed. You can give us this information through the Welfare and Medical Form.

Night Terrors and Nightmares

Please write about your child’s experience with nightmares and terrors on the Welfare and Medical Form. Our resident Welfare Officer will be in contact to discuss how prone your child is to night terrors or nightmares or likely to experience either on camp.

Bed Wetting

Please reassure your child that many children come on camp with this condition. We advise you to pack a waterproof sheet and label it “medication” and then hand this in at the desk on departure day. The Welfare Officer at camp will place it discreetly on your child’s bed. Please tell your child that the Welfare Officer has been informed and is used to dealing with this situation. Together, your child and the Welfare Officer can decide where to place a spare set of bedding so that your child can change it if necessary. Additionally, the two of them can discuss other strategies that will help your child to cope.