Contact with Participants

Mobile phones


We understand that you and your child feel it is important to be able to contact each other while they are away.

In previous years we have found that it causes problems for participants to have constant access to their mobile phones. It can be distracting to other camp members and often exacerbates homesickness.

At present we allow participants to bring their mobile phones to camp and events, however participants will have to hand in their mobiles to their group leader. The mobiles will be safely looked after and handed back out to participants at certain times so they can call home and friends.

Under exceptional circumstances we will of course allow participants to contact their parents.

Contacting the office


Please call the RSY-Netzer office in London on 020 8349 5666 if you have information you would like to pass on to your child, wish to be in contact with your child directly, or want to inform the office of something your child has discussed with you.

Whatever you say will be listened to, logged and noted, and all the relevant information will be passed onto the most appropriate members of your child’s team on camp – be they the head leaders, movement workers, medic, or Welfare Officer.

Over the years we have found this to be the swiftest and most efficient manner of engaging with the camp team while they are busy looking after your children and running programmes on camp.

The staff in the London office have a good understanding of the subtleties of each camp, and know the fastest way to get important messages to a particular camp or individual. For example, some of the sites have poor mobile reception, so a landline is set up with an answer-phone which is checked at regular intervals.

Together with the office staff, you can decide whether a member of the camp team needs to speak directly with you, or, if a message can be conveyed and a response relayed back to you by the office staff. Where necessary the office can organise for you to speak directly with your child.

Please do not attempt to phone the camp staff or site staff directly. We know from experience that when parents have done this, messages are not always understood fully resulting in concerns not being dealt with properly, leading to upset for all involved.

When to call the emergency phone

Should your family have a true emergency where time is an important factor, please use the emergency camp number. Please consider whether this is necessary before you call. This number is available on the answer phone of the office after hours and during an event (020 8349 5666) and will appear in the information pack you receive before camp or an event.

Packages and parcels


All the children love receiving letters and packages whilst on camp and we encourage you to send letters to your children during camp.

We hope that having seen the menu and knowing that we are serving balanced meals which have been checked by a dietician, you will not feel the need to send “food hampers” but rather small, special treats.

Should you be concerned about the food your child is eating whilst on camp please speak to our office staff on 020 8349 5666 who will be able to assist you.