Course Hadracha

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What is Course Hadracha?

RSY-Netzer’s Course Hadracha is our highly regarded leadership training programme. Course Hadracha is a year long training course that allows you to become a madrich/a (leader) for RSY-Netzer!

The course enables participants to develop essential leadership skills, be trained in management of group dynamics and to write and run creative activities. Facilitated by trained professionals, educators and the most experienced bogrim (graduates) of RSY-Netzer, you will be able to develop specialist hadracha (leadership) skills, whilst challenging and deepening your Reform Jewish identity and literacy.

As part of the course, participants are expected to complete Tikkun and Kehillah hours, 10 hours of each. Tikkun hours involve volunteering and taking part in a social action project of your choosing, Kehilla hours involve volunteering in a Reform Synagogue. Click the button above to access the Tikkun and Kehila hours form to fill out as you go!

Once completed, the course will equip you with the skills needed to be involved in leadership roles in RSY-Netzer and the wider world! All this whilst having lots of fun with your friends!