T’fila Choveret

T’fillah is in an intrinsic element of what makes RSY-Netzer unique. T’fillah can be relevant and exciting- it’s what you make of it. This choveret is designed to give you an opportunity to make those experiences for you and your chanichim.

Ma’amad comes from the hebrew verb ‘La’amod’ which means to stand. In our terms a ma’amad (or Tefillah in general) is a time where instead of running around mental, we stop and stand. Not necessarily literally but spiritually. It is a time to step out of the normal run of things and be an inner self not an outer self.

Tefillah can take many forms as you will see in this choveret. It can be full of prayers, or have none; it can be creative or rigidly traditional. What we want to show you is that a service can take the form of t’fillah if you wish, but it is always a ma’amad; it’s always a time to stand apart from the rest of the day.

If you don’t generally find t’fillah interesting, then it is your challenge to find something that makes it interesting. But make sure that it is a moment out of our hectic schedule, to be within ourselves, to separate ourselves from normal ‘I’m a person- you are looking at me’ to ‘I’m a person- I’m looking at myself’.

This choveret is the beginning and is deliberately a living document. We hope that you can come up with new ideas and continue the journey we have begun.