Policies, Beliefs and Actions

RSY-Netzer defines itself as an ideological youth movement, wanting to give our chaverimot (members) power and a voice. To this end, the movement has an ideology which is determined by Veidah. This is an event on which all chaverim otof post-tour age (normally 16+) can come, be educated on relevant issues, debate and decide on our ideology. This ideology is then compiled into our Policies, Beliefs and Actions document, commonly known as the P,B&A.

However, because there are so many issues which movement chaverimot feel passionate about, the P,B&A is a long document, featuring issues both big and small in great detail. Whilst this shows chaverimot are able to be activists for change, this does mean that it is often not the most useful document for people who want to gain a general understanding or overview of our movement ideology.

Therefore, in 5773/2013 a motion was proposed to Veidah and passed which mandated the creation of a companion version of the P,B&A which would be more accessible for all chaverimot of the movement, especially those who are younger and those who may come with a less detailed understanding of the movement’s ideology in the first place. This document hopes to act out that vision.

Download our Policies Beliefs and Actions here 

Madrichim can find the full PBnA here

Download our Social Media Policy Here