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Where does our Zionism come from?
with Adam Overlander-Kaye
Monday 7th December 2015

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Reform Zionism as a Political Theology
with Deborah Blausten
Monday 22nd February 2016

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Life for Israel’s Reform Minority
with Rabbi Gadi Raviv (Y’did Nefesh Congregation, Karmiel)
Monday 7th March 2016

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Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism
Is there a Brighter Future for Reform Judaism in Israel?
Reform Jews can die for Israel, but not all would be buried as Jews
Unlike US, few Jews in Israel identify as Reform or Conservative – Pew Research Center

What is RZ

What is Reform Zionism?

RSY-Netzer Veidah, April 2016

Simchat Torah 5777 Text Study

12744520_1006464166068661_4413741065993236349_nRefugees Welcome? The campaign to end indefinite detention
with Sam Grant (Rene Cassin)
Thursday 25th February 2016

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All-Party Parliamentary Group report into indefinite detention

Latest Detention Statistics


#refugeeswelcome: RSY-Netzer going beyond the hashtag