Chagim Netzer (Festivals)

In 5776 (2015-16), Chagim Netzer was launched as a way of giving our chaverim the chance to engage with and celebrate Jewish festivals in an RSY-Netzer and Reform Jewish context. This page contains information, resources and other bits and pieces which have been produced as part of these festival celebrations and which we hope will add something to your celebrations too!

RSY-Netzer Sukkot Educational Resource

This resource gives texts and comments about the festival of Sukkot and its relevance to the crisis faced by refugees, especially those fleeing Syria today.

#refugeecrisis: RSY-Netzer going beyond the hashtag

A page of information and opportunities about the ongoing refugee crisis and how you can get involved in supporting refugees in Britain today.


*Brand New* RSY-Netzer and Jeneration Hagaddah Supplement 2016

This booklet will help you to understand what the Seder is all about, give modern and Reform readings of the different sections of the Seder to help you get more meaning out of the ritual and includes some tasty recipes!

MRJ, RSY-Netzer and Jeneration Seder Resource 2014

This accompaniment for your seder reminds us of the core dilantin messages of pesach of the move from slavery to freedom and underlines the link between our Jewish past and the present day experience of refugees

Netzer Olami Pesach Choveret

Check out this pesach choveret from Netzer Olami!

‘During Pesach we gather together, friends and family, reading the Haggada, pray, sing and eat great food. Passover today representing the celebration of freedom, a basic human right that shouldn’t been taken for granted even in our days.’

Matza for Thought

Read what RSY-Netzer madricha, Amie Goldstein, is asking at her sedar table this year.

Chanukah Logo

Chanukah with RSY-Netzer and Jeneration

Our Chanukah resource will guide you through each night of the festival with a different theme – from what the festival says about Israel, to the environment and even how to spell its name!

RSY-Netzer Shavuot Educational Resource

The Shavuot resource contains thoughts around the meaning of the festival and what it can inspire for us in our lives, as well as information about projects supporting education of young people in the UK and Israel which our movement is supporting.

The Big Netzer Bridge Walk

For 5776, RSY-Netzer is raising money for causes promoting education in Israel and the UK by walking across 13 of London’s iconic bridges. Find out more and support our effort here.