My summer in a war zone

By Emma Jacobs for The National Student, full article here. The news was awash with images of fallen soldiers, destruction and carnage. There was talk of war crimes. Yet all I could think of was my suitcase; battered, broken and full of free Zionist t-shirts and slightly damp bikinis. I’d chosen to spend three and a half weeks of my …

Elections 2015/5775

Don’t know your Livnis from your Herzogs? Getting confused by coalitions? Thought a seat was just something you sat on? Read this article- it explains the Israeli elections in a way we’ll all understand ‪ Find even more elections 101 here And check out this Facebook post to see who you would have voted for!

Non-Orthodox Judaism in Israel

Check out these 8 major victories for non orthodox Judaism in Israel in an article on Ha’aretz linked to by Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner #progressivejudaismforthewin #PJFTW Article here