Camp Kesher 5780

Sign up by Tuesday 30th June for a summer of connecting with RSY-Netzer. 

Been dreaming of an RSY-Netzer summer? Has the iconic green logo been doing somersaults in your mind? US TOO! Here is a sneak peek of what we’ve got in store for you…

But what does this all mean?

Well, with everything from (safe and secure) adventures out of the house, to new skill-learning streams chosen by YOU, to mishpacha (“family groups”) bonding like never before PLUS surprises right at your very door-step (that’s right…). This Camp Kesher experience is practically BURSTING at the seams with surprises, treats and opportunities for kef (fun) and banter with your mates – old and new.

Who’s it for?

Anyone from 4-15 years old, school years reception-10/P1-S3, that’s who! 

Additionally, we will require a minimum of 30 sign-ups in order to run Camp Kesher. So, that’s even more reason to encourage your friends to sign up too!

Most importantly:

We are prepared to adapt our plans to ensure that our summer programming is as engaging, fun and fruitful as possible. We aim to enable group bonding and the opportunity to make new friends, provide informal education opportunities and, most of all, welcome everyone into an immersive RSY-Netzer environment. Whilst the format may be variable along with government guidelines, we hope the intention and type of content will remain consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the new programme run? 
Almost the exact same dates as Shemesh! We know that many of you plan your summers around RSY-Netzer summer camp so, to keep our internal “camp clocks” ticking happily, we have decided to hold our new programme over the original dates. Camp Kesher will run from Monday 27th July- Friday 7th August (for chunks of each weekday – see above!)
  • How will I get my money back?

In the sign-up formyou are given the options: sign up to the Camp Kesher (which we HIGHLY recommend), receive a partial refund for Shemesh, or receive a full deposit refund if you choose not to sign up. There will also be an option  for you to donate all or part of this money to RSY-Netzer, at a time when this contribution would be greatly valued.

  • How much money will the new programme cost?
We are so happy to be able to offer you this exciting and vibrant new programme at a hugely reduced cost of £60.
  • Will my child remain with their own year group on the new programme?
Our hope is that each year group will have ample time set aside for some quality shichva (individual year group) bonding. Having said that, we will be flexible depending on the numbers of sign-ups we get – so get all your friends to sign up to Camp Kesher by Tuesday 30th June!
  • How much time online will the new programme entail?
We are so excited by how much we have learnt in the past couple of months about brilliant and engaging ways to have KEF (fun) online. Having said that, we want to allow for time for our young people to enjoy the air, sunshine and third dimension in general. Therefore, the maximum amount of daily programming will be 3 hours with multiple breaks built in.
  • When will the next residential RSY-Netzer camp be?
The next residential RSY-Netzer camp is set to be in December. Again, we will be following government guidelines and what we deem responsible as we approach this event.