What We Do

Every RSY-Netzer event forms part of a bigger journey. Of course you’ll have fun, make friends, and do exciting activities, but you’re also learning about the many different things it means to be Jewish and figuring out what is the right Jewish way for you.

Shemesh (hebrew for sun) is the name of our 5 summer camps. At summer camp, there are morning to evening activities such as Time Travellers simulation, Ultimate Frisbee, Candle Making, Camp Fire sing-a-long, Shemesh Got Talent, and much more creative stuff planned by the leaders. Our madrichim who lead on our camps have grown up in RSY-Netzer, and are committed to making camp the best experience ever!

There are five, depending on your age and school year. Briyah is for 10-11 year olds (Years 5-6/ P6-7), Shachar for 12 year olds (year 7/S1), Emunah for 13 year olds (Year 8/S2), Reut for 14 year olds (Year 9/S3), and Atid for 15 year olds (Year 10/S4). Each year is a stepping stone in the chanachim movement journey.

Day Camp (Garanim) is a week long non-residential camp for younger chanichim (participants) aged 5-11 years old to experience their first taste of RSY-Netzer magic.

Israel Tour is our post-GCSE trip to Israel. RSY-Netzer takes tour groups to explore Israel and all it has to offer, to engage with progressive Judaism in Israel and to introduce what it means to be a Reform Zionist! On tour you will travel the width and breadth of the country, sharing experiences at the Kotel or Ammunition Hill, swimming in the Dead Sea, hiking in the desert,  meeting Israelis, soaking up the Tel Aviv atmosphere, learning about the Second Temple, hiking through water, swimming in the Kinneret, climbing the Northern mountains…..and much much more.! You’ll spend a month travelling the country with a brilliant group of people and experiencing what many participants say is the best month of their lives. Click here for more information and tour updates.

Choref is our winter camp for ages 8-15 and is all the fun of RSY-Netzer’s two week Machanot (camps) in just 4 days! Its a time to relax, have fun, learn informally and bond with many different age groups within RSY-Netzer!

Course Hadracha is our leadership programme for 15-17 year olds. This is your chance to become a madrich (leader) for RSY-Netzer. The course gives you the tools and confidence to lead young people and take on ideological projects. You will learn about group dynamics, planning activities, how to organise an event, mange a discussion, and mostly you will learn about yourself and your ability to be a madrich or madricha (youth leader) and inspire other young people in our summer camps and youth clubs. Click here for more information on the course.

Veidah is our annual conference for 16+ in April. Here is where members of the movement meet to discuss what it means to be part of RSY-Netzer, and hold asephot (meetings) to decide how to change it! You’ll find a lot of passionate discussion here as we try to clarify what the movement stands for and how that translates into action. All of our movement policies are shaped and voted on at Veidah.

Shnat Netzer is our gap year scheme. It’s organised by our international umbrella organisation – Netzer Olami. You’ll spend 8 months in Israel doing some study, some volunteering, going on some brilliant trips, and also pursuing your own interests from a range of choices. There’s just enough structure to give you a bit of support, and plenty of freedom to let you stretch your wings as you move from school to uni or a job. The year is spent with our sister movement LJY-Netzer, as well as Netzerniks from Germany, Argentina, Austrailia, Brazil, South Africa, USA and all over the world!

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Reform Communities! RSY-Netzer works with Reform synagogues across the country, from as far as Glasgow to Brighton! We work with youth workers across the country in delivering projects and events both regionally and nationally, such as Netzafon for our northern communities, Shabbaton Darom for our southern communities and much more! For more information about youth clubs in your community click here, or contact naomi.raanan@rsy-netzer.org.uk


Bogrim Seminar is a forum for ALL bogrim, who dedicate their time to involve themselves in some of the key youth movement decisions that RSY-Netzer have to make regarding ideology, structure, policies and beliefs! It happens termly to check in with the Movement Tzevet and discuss their progress and ideas.

Bogrim trips! RSY-Netzer runs trips for its bogrim (graduates) of the movement. This is a chance to bond, chill and learn in an RSY-Netzer environment that all of our bogrim already love.

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