What We Believe

RSY stands for Reform Synagogue Youth, and Netzer stands for Noar Tzioni Reformi (Reform Zionist Youth). RSY-Netzer is part of a worldwide youth movement, Netzer Olami – and we exist all over the world-  in the USA, Israel, Germany, France, Australia, South Africa, Brazil…

Every year RSY-Netzer members join together for veidah (conference) to examine our beliefs and practices and to decide what we should be doing. We record our decisions in our Policies, Beliefs and Actions booklet.

Here are four broad values that we passionately believe in, support and educate our members on.

1 – Reform Judaism

As a religious youth movement we want to strengthen your Jewish identity, your knowledge and love of Judaism, and your commitment to a modern, relevant, and meaningful way of being Jewish.

Reform Judaism has always and will always be about learning about our heritage and applying our own understanding to the world we live in.

In terms of Jewish ritual, there is t’filah (daily prayers) and Birkat Hamazon (Grace after Meals) at all our events, made up of a combination of traditional and more creative elements. Shabbat is a truly out-of-this-world experience, made special by you putting your heart and soul into creating a fabulous atmosphere. The food is vegetarian and ethical, which makes up the basis of what RSY-Netzer believes being kosher is all about.

2 – Reform Zionism

We spend a lot of time learning and thinking about Israel whether on Shemesh, on Israel Tour, for a year on Shnat or at our bogrimot events.  As your knowledge deepens, we hope you’ll feel not only love for and a commitment to the idea of the Jewish state, but also a critical engagement with Israel and a desire to see in Israel the creation of a just and equal society.

3 – Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam means repairing the world, and it’s something we really believe in. Our rabbis said long ago “It is not upon you to finish the work, but neither are free to desist from it.” (Ethics of the Fathers) This sums up our approach. RSY-Netzer runs social action activities and education and we hope you’ll be inspired to go out and try to change your community and the world too.

4. Liv Luv

Livluv is Hebrew for ‘blossoming’ and is RSY-Netzer’s newest value since Veidah 5771. The value is based around your own individual RSY-Netzer journey, from a chanichol, to a madatzol, to a madrichol to a boger/et! It is all about personal development.

On RSY-Netzer, we believe in each individual’s personal development in a cultural, religious, social, spiritual or emotional way. Many people through their time in RSY-Netzer experience a change in values, beliefs and practice, and so this value is a way of articulating a lot of what we already do!

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