The Team

Who are the people that run the movement throughout the year

Asha Sumroy

Movement Worker

Asha joined RSY-Netzer in 5772 after being inspired by madrichimot (leaders) at Maidenhead Synagogue’s youth club. She’s been involved ever since and attributes her passion and values to the people she’s met and forged change with in the movement. After going on Shnat Netzer in 5777 she gained a degree is Sociology from Durham University and can’t wait to spend the year working with everyone in the movement to create meaningful experiences, connections and social change.

Please contact Asha if you have any questions about Israel Tour, Course Hadracha or Shnat Netzer.

Dan Marks

Movement Worker

Dan grew up in Bushey, as part of Bushey United Synangogue. He joined RSY-Netzer on Atid 5773 and has never looked back. After finishing at Watford Grammar School for Boys he went to the University of Birmingham and studied Geography while continuing to immerse himself in the RSY-Netzer community he loves so much. Dan is so excited to be spending a second year working for RSY-Netzer and can't wait to create another magical year in the movement!

Please contact Dan if you have any questions about Course Hadracha, Shemesh, or Choref.

Gabriel Lester

Movement Worker

Gabriel’s first encounter with RSY-Netzer was Israel Tour 5774 and he quickly fell in love with the movement. Gabriel is a recent graduate from the University of Nottingham where he studied Politics and International Relations. Reflecting on his movement career, he sees himself an ultimate keen bean, taking every opportunity made available to him to lead, including unconventionally leading Israel Tour and Course Hadracha twice each. 

Please contact Gabriel if you have any questions about Israel Tour, Choref, Veidah, Reform community outreach or just to say hello! 

Alyson Joseph

Senior Administrator

Alyson grew up in Southgate and went to Kadimah summer camp.  She lived in Australia for one year and from 1989 worked for RSGB for 10 years and then transferred to RSY-Netzer.

Sharon Daniels

Wellbeing and Inclusion Manager

Sharon is Reform Judaism's full-time Wellbeing and Inclusion Manager who supports the needs of chanichim (participants) and madrichim (leaders) on all our events, and trains our madrichim in welfare and inclusion.

Bianca Sakol

Youth and Events Manager

Bianca grew up in Bushey and her first RSY-Netzer experience was on Garanim 1999. She has worked in events and logistics for over 10 years. She lives with her husband and son and started working for RSY-Netzer in 2018.

Contact Info

The Sternberg Centre
80 East End Road
N3 2SY


020 8349 5666

In emergencies during events, please call:  020 8349 5666

For Out of Office: an emergency number has been sent to you. Please think carefully before calling out of office hours. An emergency is a situation that cannot wait until office hours. Please be considerate and think whether your call must be dealt with immediately.