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Please contact the RSY-Netzer Team at or call us on +44 (0)20 8349 5666.

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The Team


Introducing…. Our Movement Workers

Amy Roberts

Movement Worker

Amy joined RSY-Netzer for her first Shemesh in 5776 and has never looked back. RSY-Netzer has given Amy the ability to connect with her reform Jewish identity and grow and blossom as a person. Amy has led every age group during her time as a madrichol (leader), from Garanim (day camp) to Course Hadracha (our leadership training course), and has loved every event she has been a part of. Amy just graduated from Newcastle University where she studied geography, and cannot wait to be a Movement Worker throughout 5784!

    Jack Frohlich

    Movement Worker

    Jack started his RSY-Netzer journey in 5777 on Israel Tour, and absolutely fell in love with the Movement. It allowed him to express his Jewish identity in a way that he had never felt available to him before. Jack has since led on all machanot available to him, including Israel Tour and Course Hadracha, furthering his love for RSY-Netzer and its ideological practice, eventually inspiring him to advance to movement work. He has just graduated from The University of Birmingham having studied Biological Science, and can’t wait to work alongside chaverimot of the Movement in the year to come!


      Becca Caulfield

      Movement Worker

      Becca has been a part of RSY-Netzer for as long as she can remember, beginning with Northern weekend events and going on her first Shemesh in 5771. She has been obsessed ever since! RSY-Netzer allowed Becca to build her Reform Jewish Identity within the Northern Jewish community and branch out further than she could have ever imagined. After leaving school, Becca went on Shnat Netzer, where she further connected with the movement’s ideology and values and enhanced her leadership skills. All of these incredible experiences have allowed Becca to livluv (blossom) into the person she is today! Becca is currently a final year student studying Psychology with Criminology and is so excited to work with the Movement Worker Tzevet for 5783!

        Professional Team

        Leah Harris

        Leah Harris

        Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

        I'm Leah (she/her), I'm the Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing co-ordinator, and I am a wellbeing officer on events. I was first involved with RSY when I was a wellbeing officer on Atid in 5781, and I had such a great time that I started working with RSY through the year. When I'm not working with RSY I'm a school counsellor. I am very involved in Girlguiding and have done Camp America for 4 summers. My experiences have given me a great understanding of camp and wellbeing, helping me to ensure the highest level of wellbeing support within RSY. 

        Sharon Daniels

        Head of Safeguarding and Wellbeing

        Sharon supports the needs of chanichim (participants) and madrichim (leaders) on all our events, and trains our madrichim in welfare and inclusion.

        Naomi Raanan

        Interim Youth Director

        Naomi started her RSY-Netzer journey in 2003 joining RSY-Netzer sleepover weekends at the Sternberg Centre! Naomi lead on camp, went on Shnat Netzer and became a movement worker for two years from 2015-17. After having had the most amazing time with RSY-Netzer, Naomi took her hadracha skills to school teaching in primary schools in the UK and later in Germany. She is now back with RSY-Netzer, working with the Movement workers to help make RSY-Netzer the best Reform Jewish space for young people across the country to have the best time learning and having fun!