RSY-Netzer is the Reform Jewish and Reform Zionist youth movement and is all about immersing yourself in a welcoming and empowering intentional Jewish environment where you can feel proud of your identity and make Jewish friends. We welcome everyone from across the community.


RSY-Netzer is fully committed to creating a safe and supportive Jewish environment where all participants and leaders enjoy themselves and develop their connection with Judaism, Israel, and social justice.


Our events bring people together in the framework of intentional community, giving spaces for everyone’s voice to be heard in order to learn and grow with each other and form meaningful friendships.


RSY-Netzer offers high quality events and opportunities at fair prices facilitated by our passionate madrichimot (leaders) and skilled Movement Workers. We also value your feedback so we can continue to improve every year.


Each year the movement is run by Movement Workers who spend a year running the movement and actualising the ideology, with the help of wider support staff.


The movement workers’ ‘vision’ for RSY-Netzer is  To educate, empower and challenge young Jews, creating a community for them to blossom, whilst practising our Reform values both within our movement and in the wider world.’


RSY-Netzer is affiliated to the Movement for Reform Judaism and the worldwide Reform Zionist Youth Movement, Netzer Olami. We work in partnership with all the Reform synagogues in the UK.


Throughout each year we aim to create and run unique programmes where you can have fun, meet new people, be introduced to new ideas and ways of thinking about the world we live in, and live Jewishly. Lots of people start coming to RSY-Netzer when they are as young as 10 and never leave until they have been involved with everything possible and ended up running the movement at 23!


Whatever you choose to take part in we are sure you will love it! We run lots of different events to choose from – summer camps, trips to Israel, weekend events, day camps and lots more.

Read The History of RSY-Netzer, written by Joe Grabiner, Boger (senior madrich) of RSY-Netzer!

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