What is RSY-Netzer

RSY-Netzer is the Reform Jewish community for all young people across the UK.

We create inclusive and accessible spaces through day and residential events that immerse young people in Reform Jewish values to live by.

Our vision for the RSY-Netzer kehilla (community) is to build well-informed and active young leaders both outside of and within Reform synagogues across the UK.

We structure all of our programming around the four pillars of RSY-Netzer ideology:

Reform Judaism

  • We are an egalitarian, creative, Jewish movement where we encourage informed decision making, in line with our progressive religious values.

Reform Zionism

  • We are committed to offering a nuanced Israel Education encompassing a wide spectrum of perspectives and narratives, and aim towards an Israel for everyone that is more reflective of our progressive values.

Tikkun Olam (Repairing the world)

  • We take tangible action to bring about our vision for the world. Recognising that change starts with ourselves (tikkun atzmi – repairing the self), we grow outwards to our community (kehila), our nation (am), and the whole world (olam).

Livluv (to blossom)

RSY-Netzer is a space where young people develop. We aim to be inclusive of and accessible to everyone, combatting prejudice, creating spaces of counter culture, and encouraging all young people to embrace their individuality and identities.

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