A Day in The Life

Wondering what you’ll do on camp? Here are a few examples of activities which regularly occur on Shemesh:

  • Balagan Ba’boker (Morning Mayhem) – Most days of camp begin with Balagan Ba’boker, which can range from activities such as Zumba and dancing to yoga and meditation. No matter what, our days always start with something fun.
  • Nossim (Streams) – Nossim are projects which take place over multiple sessions. Run by our skilled madrichimot (leaders), Nossim can range from drama and music, to science and sports. There is always something for everyone in our Nossim sessions.
  • Issues Groups – Our madrichimot choose topics which they are particularly passionate about and run creative activities to explore these issues, over multiple sessions. In the past, issues groups have covered a wide range of topics, such as environmentalism, social media and politics.
  • Active Time – Most days there will be sports and other more active options, such as wide games and site activities, for the chanichimot to participate in and let off some steam!
  • Ma’amadim (Creative Services) – As a Reform Jewish youth movement, prayer is an important part of the day on camp. Our madrichimot run ma’amadim, which aim to allow chanichimot (participants) to engage with prayer in a way that they can’t usually do in a synagogue setting.
  • Kef Peulot (Fun Activities) – Throughout the day our madrichimot will run kef peulot, with the pure aim of everyone having as much fun as possible. There’s no telling what world you’ll explore each day on camp.
  • Chinuch Peulot (Informal Educational Activities) – Chanichimot will take a journey through our educational theme for the year, with the activities written by our madrichimot to be specifically aimed at each year group and to make learning as fun and engaging as possible.
  • Structured Free Time (SFT) – SFT will give a huge range of options for our chanichimot to choose from. Our madrichimot aim to run a wide variety of sessions each time to make sure that everyone has something they’re interested in. Examples can range from friendship bracelet making to playing frisbee.