Mental Health Shabbat

Mental Health Shabbat is this Shabbat19th-20th January 2024.
The event aims to encourage conversations about mental health, raise awareness of mental illness and share ideas on how to support ourselves and others in our community.

It’s a perfect time to connect with other people who you’re close to, or those who are part of your community.
You could reach out to people you’ve been thinking of but haven’t been in contact with. It’s a great reason to invite someone to Shabbat dinner, or to organise a walk on Saturday morning.
You could spend some time reflecting on your own mental health and focus on self-care activities.

We’ve compiled some resources that may help if you want to learn more about Mental Health Shabbat, and about Wellbeing. Please explore them below:

  • Jami– supporting mental health in the Jewish Community
  • RSY wellbeing choveret. A document created by RSY with lots of links to educational resources and supportive information
  • Wellbeing Tips – A document created by Zach full of helpful Wellbeing Tips
  • The Blue Dove Foundation. A website with many resources that explore the connection between Judaism and Mental Health

Top Tips on Wellbeing during the crisis in Israel, from JAMI and the CST (below)