Shnat Nof 10th February 2017

Weekly update by Jayme Garland 

Goodbye Me’ona, hello Jerusalem! This week has had its fair share of ups and downs, sad goodbyes and happy hellos, lost socks and found possessions. Here are a few of the most memorable moments…

We started this week, and concluded a chapter of this journey, at Amir’s pub in his home Mitzpe Hila. His generosity and warm heart was even more apparent than usual, as he had set up candles, snacks and music for us. It’s safe to say we all enjoyed the lovely, chilled evening and are very grateful to Amir for accommodating us.

Friday night saw us saying a fond farewell to our host families. Everyone felt so welcomed and loved by their families over the past few months and it was difficult to say goodbye. Finding a sufficient enough way to express our gratitude was also a struggle, considering their constant kindness and hospitality. It was comforting to know for several people that wasn’t a final goodbye as they have been invited back for Pesach and whenever a warm home and friendly face is needed!

Having spent the week saying thank yous and farewell to many people and places, it was only fitting to give the house a little send off too! And what better way to do that than a basement rave?! With all of us dressed up in our wavey garms, Eve banging out the tunes and the basement/bomb shelter decked out with balloons we partied the night away! It was such a fun night, and the perfect way to sikkum our time in Me’ona.

The following morning we were up early, trying to find the energy to tackle the day ahead. Monday was the dreaded HOUSE TIDY! With the thirteen of us living, eating, sleeping, working and doing many other things in this house, it is an understatement to say we were not looking forward to all the tasks we knew needed to be done. But we dug deep….very deep, and rallied together to efficiently and successfully tidy the house in a surprising amount of time! As happy as were we’re to have everything tidy and packed up, there was only one thing left for us to do – Say a fond farewell to our much loved Madrachim! The small gifts and card we got for them is no way near enough to express the gratitude we have for all they did for us.

After a couple hundred photos in classic Noffie fashion we all boarded the coach hyped for Jerusalem!

The past two days have been spent in Beit Ben Yehudah hostel where Dan, Tom and Jayme have been running the Sikkum Seminar for the Tikkun period. We have spentt time discussing many interesting things such as – politics (both the UK and Israel), what on earth is Tikkun Olam, the periphery and how we view tefillah. All such strong and interesting discussions which fill us with many ideas about things we want to do or discuss in the future. We have also had some group reflections and appreciations, which were both calming and allowed us to appreciate how close we all actually are. It has been amazing to see everyone come together, through cleaning, kef and discussions over the past week and to round off our second chapter of this journey in a fun and reassuring way.

Tomorrow we meet the southerners and officially start the Jerusalem period! With a big week ahead there are many mixed emotions within the group, but one thing is certain, we are all going to go through it together!

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