This week has been an extremely busy week as we are all getting ready for the big move to Jerusalem next week. Here are a few of the highlights.


On Thursday we visited Beit Lohamei Haghetaot, also known as the Ghetto Fighters’ Museum; this is a  Museum that looks at the Holocaust through the eyes of Youth Movements, something that particularly engaged us. We looked at the stories of particular people as well as the influence of youth movements in the Warsaw uprising which was fascinating. Towards the end of the visit, we were thrilled to find out we were going to talk to a Holocaust survivor. The happiness and joy she brought to the room whilst talking about the horrific events she had experienced was truly inspirational.


On Friday night, we dolled ourselves up, many of us learning what the shower was there for, and head down to the local Reform community; Yedid Nefesh to spend our Friday night service, who shared the leading of the service with us, so we were able to share some classic Netzer songs and tunes with them which they seemed to really appreciate.


On Saturday night we were lucky enough to have a few of Noar Telem’s Shnat Shirut, also known as ’ShinShins’ (Israeli gap year before you start your national service) participants joining us. We then had a seminar with them on Sunday which included a Ma’amad (creative service) about Israel, an educational peula (activity) about collective memory and lots of Kef! I speak for the group when I say that everyone involved really enjoyed the sessions and look to the future for much more interactions between us and Noar Telem!


On Monday night we had a Tu B’shvat Seder with the Karmiel community including our friends from Yedid Nefesh, our host families and co-workers from our volunteering places. Again we were able to teach some classic Netzer tunes as well as learning a lot more about the meaning and customs of Tu B’shvat, and eating chocolates, fruit and biscuits wasn’t half bad either!


On Tuesday morning we headed to the Raymon center for our final ulpan lesson and then a session run by a stand with us representative about learning how advocate Israel. Lotem then had a mass clear out followed by a ma’amad run by Barney and DP. The night ended with a lot of kef


Finally Wednesday morning full of emotion we went to our final day of volunteering. Everyone was really sad to say goodbye. We hope we made a difference.


As we enter our final week in karmiel we like to give a big welcome to Ma’ayan South, we are all so excited to meet you and to spend the next 4 months together. Enjoy the AZYC seminar and see you at Beit Shmuel!


Sammy Rose and Tommy Grantley