RSY at Limmud – Abi Itkin

By Abi Itkin

Looking back at Limmud 2015, I realise what a phenomenal few days of non-stop learning, socialising and experiencing it was. Jumping from session to session, each one more interesting and thought-provoking than the last, I was struck by the huge number of options at any given time.

However, not once did I feel alone in this semi-organised Jewish-learning chaos, due to the astounding number of friendly and familiar faces, which is such a special aspect of being a part of such a large and actively involved youth movement. Learning alongside other members of RSY adds a whole new dimension to the movement, as together we are to bring valuable new information, discussions and ideas to the rest of the RSY community.

Further than this is the amazing opportunity to learn from each other; it is so inspiring to hear such passion in sessions run by the present and past generations of the RSY community. Watching the energy and activism inspired by the support and encouragement of our movement is enough to make anyone feel pleased to be a part of it and it makes me more and more motivated to get increasingly involved with the world, particularly from a reform, Jewish perspective. On top of all this is the excitement of seeing people you may not have seen since the summer events, or even before. I constantly found myself bumping into people I have come across throughout my years of involvement with RSY-Netzer. Catching up with old friends is such an important part of Limmud, and makes the whole experience even more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Overall it is easy to feel the advantages of being a member of a youth movement within such a busy and vibrant atmosphere like Limmud. I cant wait till next year, perhaps even I could run a session based on the lessons I have learnt from my time with RSY.