This week has been about settling in to Karmiel. We have gotten over the initial shock of cars and roads and excitement about our new lives here. We are now beginning to get used to our volunteering options and the ups and downs of communal living. We have to adjust to the lack of space compared to the vast desert expanse around Lotan but we are feeling the positive aspects of living together as well.

There are times when we’re cooking together or watching something together or singing together when we just look around and really appreciate the amazing experiences we are having here. Another incredible aspect of communal living is how naturally friendships can become closer by sharing experiences and responsibilities. We are also getting used to the bus lines and directions around Karmiel which is making it feel much more like home.

This part of the programme is already feeling really valuable as it develops our independence. We are getting used to looking after ourselves and each other and we are also finding comfort in our wonderful host families which Galit matched us up with so beautifully. As we go into the last week of Karmiel before chofesh we are excited to have a break and then feel the comfort of coming back to our new home in Karmiel after a refreshing week.

A limerick treat:

There once was a group of teens
Who shared some similar dreams
Of helping and sharing, giving and caring
Karmiel and Galit offered schemes

Although communal living is charming
It can sometimes be somewhat jarring
That’s why we’re so glad Galit had it planned
Host families to provide us good food and some calming

By Ella and Alice