Whilst enjoying our last days of chofesh doing our respective relaxation/ kef activities, everyone was looking forward to seeing each other (after our longest time apart!) and getting back to our newly made lives in Karmiel. Upon arriving back, our group had somewhat grown due to our lovely LivLuv guests: Bash, Molly and Jordan! After a day of landing, we had an education day, as we do every Tuesday in Karmiel. This particular workshop was run by Tomer (who is also Galit’s husband – #powercouple!). It focused on identifying the main differences between what it means to be a volunteer compared with what it means to be a ‘community change agent’, a phrase we will further explore in our second part of the workshop. Following this, we split off into our different streams and got back to our Ulpan – yafeh me’od! Later that evening, we reconvened to exchange Chanukkah gifts and have a Ma’amad, ran by Bash. It was really cool to have someone different run it for us and it focused on Kabbalistic traditions, which was new and unique for our group.

Now, after a few days, our daily lives have begun to restart again. This includes food shopping, cleaning the house back up and communal cooking again! Furthermore, we had our first days back at volunteering and rewarded ourselves with a meal out at Burgerim. We’re the biggest group that Karmiel’s branch has ever seen, so we got pepped by the waitress. Maybe it’s just because we’re pretty. We’re looking forward to heading to Jerusalem for the day tomorrow to help out with an exciting film project…we’ll tell you how it goes!

Sharon and Ella