Shnat Maayan 13th Nov 2015

Weekly report by the Northern group-Sophie and Chloe 

After a week full of hellos and goodbyes, shnat ma’ayan have certainly learnt a lot. On Thursday we were lucky enough to meet our Israeli equivalents from Noar Telem, the Israeli branch of Netzer. These 8 Israelis are participating in a ‘shnat sherut’; a year of volunteering based in Ra’anana, setting up a new branch of Telem. Following some peer led activities and a thought-provoking session run by Ady on Rabin, we bonded over a potluck dinner, establishing the basis of new friendships which many of us hope to explore throughout the year.

Next came a bitter-sweet shabbat throughout which we cherished our last moments with the Livluv Southerners, with whom we finally shared an emotional goodbye on Sunday morning. But Shnat goes on, and so we instantaneously returned to a productive ulpan class. The mood immediately picked up with a hilarious Israeli dancing class on Monday, and a chance to get our hands dirty in the EcoKef on Tuesday; clearing pathways, sorting the herbs and planting in the kibbutz gardens. The fun built up to the week’s true highlight – the arrival of the fantastic Miranda! At last northern Shnat was whole and our group’s diversity was upgraded 5.5% with our ljynik.

On Wednesday morning a few people returned to the elderly club of a neighboring kibbutz. That afternoon we were inspired by Mike Nitzan, one of the founders of Kibbutz Lotan and Netzer itself! His wise words on creating something from nothing and enacting vision into reality definitely struck a chord in the ideological amongst us. Overall, this eventful week has both strengthened us as a group and as individuals. With our kvutzah complete we can now truly envision the prospects of the upcoming year, ready to take ownership of our Shnat and grow together.

Sophie J and Chloe G