Shnat Ma’ayan’s First Weekly Report!

Weekly report by the Northern group- Sophie Phillips

Considering this is the first full day of Shnat, this is more of an update of the day rather than the week. Shnat is finally beginning to kick in after having a tour of Beit Shmuel today! Looking at the view of Jerusalem from the balcony was amazing and so beautiful, that’s when it actually began to feel real having not seen much of Jerusalem before this point. It was also an opportunity to see the group already begin to bond more and see everyone personalities come through. It’s also been interesting getting to lead each other having previously only really led younger years.

Going down to the Netzer office is much more fun than you could think. The corridors are covered in all things Netzer and you could see how many shnatties photos you could spot from previous years.

Shnat – so far – feels like the perfect balance between leading and being back on camp. We’re really excited to see what else Shnat entails and how the group develops!

Here are some of the Facebook posts before we all left the UK…

Finally off to Israel tomo for 8 months – thanks for all the love and hugs <3 will miss u all lots and lots pls keep in touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will be moving to Israel tomorrow for the next eight months (until June) to try that whole self enrichment, personal development thing. Whatsapp/iMessage me on my English number until I get my Israeli one sorted. Facebook me, Skype me, FaceTime me and don’t 5get me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I’m off to Israel for 8 months, don’t text or call! It should be fun, next update will be an overly long, overtly emotional post about my experiences, tagging all the people that have affected me, sorry for the mad cliff hanger but check back in, in June ❤❤xx

Heading to Israel for the next 8 months!! Whatsapp me on my english number if you fancy some contact (not like I’ve already lost my israeli sim or anything…)… See ya (not so) soon and don’t miss me too much 😊 

These of course attracked ex-shnattim and friends, including this message: “Sending all the luck and love in the world to and the May’an Kvutsah as they embark on Shnat Netzer tomorrow. Remember, treasure the balagan and keep it holy.  ” (balagan=mess)