2nd April 2015

by Max K (Machon)

So much has happened these past few days

that’s the weekly report from machon.  




April fools.

This past weekend I stayed at kiryat. And I hung out with the Spanish machon that arrived on Thursday.

Friday I went to one of the malls to walk around, I also went to Ben Yehuda St before Shabbat came in.

Saturday I had a really relaxing day at machon. We had a picnic for Meirons birthday, some Etgar friends came to the hang out.

Sunday we had Via day@ the IDC in Herzalia with a lot of different movements at a “Ted talk”style  lecture. I enjoyed the day, the only problem that I found was that I  didn’t engage with what was being said.

Monday we woke up to very interesting  Hebrew class, as well as stories of the Jewish people taught by Mark Lazar. In stead of going to lunch I used that hour that we had to pack for the hike as well as chofesh seeing how during pessach we cannot stay at kiryat moriah. We then went to Etgar for movement time. I enjoyed the Mammad. Then we watched an interview about a right wing rabbi who liked the idea that women can where taliot, kippia. All of machon had a discussion with the machon staff about the leadership modal and the fact that people aren’t understanding the modal nor are they connecting.

Tuesday morning we left today to start the hike. We have stuff we need for chofesh and the hike. We drove to Sde Boker to see Ben Gurion’s grave. We also did a dancing workshop. We also went shopping for our own food for the hike the next morning.

Wednesday morning we woke up at 5:45sm and packed for the hike. We left for the hike at roughly 7:00. We hiked up a large mountain. We biked  to the overlook near Sde Boker. We then biked to Sde Boker and meet up with the others who walked to



Weekly report by Aleksa D and Jess J (Etgar)

Last Thursday Etgar returned from a four day hike in the northern negev. The scene of the returning etgarnicks were mixed with shouts of “home sweet home” and with bags and shoes tossed to the side. The air was full with the pleasent smell of sweaty socks and clothes, and shoes(all belonging to jess) full of dust and nature. Both the toilets and the showers were fully booked until late into the night. We were back!!!!  The kitchen was of course stormed for luxurys and pitot(israeli bread) with chocolate spread and any other delicious treats that could be smeared on it.

On Friday we had a really nice long sleep in. We got woken up in the afternoon by the delicious smell of prepared ready lunch by Marcus and Alex(japanese style lunch).  In the evening some of us went to an conservative kabalat shabat service at Shira hadesha. Others went to host family dinners in the old city.

Saturday was a relaxing and pleasent day. We met our friends from Machon and had a lovely picnic at a park near kiriyat morja(campus of the machonicks). Afterwards everyone did their own thing, some went off to visit their familys, others went to Kibbutz Lotan and some went jogging.

Sunday was VIA day(values in actions). It was an event organized by the Council of Youth Movements and the Jewish Agency and hosted by the idc(international university) in Herzliya near Tel Aviv. We woke up early in the morning we took a 1 and a half hour busride to the event. When we arrived we met many different people different youth movements from all over the world (Habbonim, Hashi, Hineni, Beneakiva, Noar Telem(dont tellem)etc.) The Program offered us alot of diverse guest speakers who spoke on topics ranging from aliyah to Israeli Innovation(start ups) to Israeli charity projects such as wish for a dream. After that we had a amazing lunch and finished the via day watching a great dance and singing act performed by the Israeli Scout movement(biggest youth movement in Israel).

Monday everything was back to normal. We started our day with a hebrew class (ivrit ivrit ivrit, so much ivrit – ken). Then we had a great lesson with Niv about revisionist zionism. In the afternoon after we finished our lunch we had a really fun and cool lesson with Michal in our leadership in our Tenach class, where we learned about Miriam and the women of the Exodus story. We started our lesson with a jam session featuring some drums and guitars singing the song of the sea. Later in the afternoon we had our really enjoyable yom tnua(movement day). We had a really cool Maamad about how to be really nice and friendly to other people and make each persons day and life a little bit better. After that we had ethiopian food followed by a great kef session by da bensusan and Marcus.

Tuesday we had a regular day with classes and a really funky orthodox guest speaker living in the old city,originally from New Jersey. He gave a really interesting speach about the finite, infinite and the relationships between people in their daily life.

On Wednesday we did our usual cleaning after classes finished. In the evening everyone was pretty exhausted and did their own thing i.e. watching movies, fighting, eating, reading or just regular naptime.

greetings your beloved Etgarnicks