16th April 2015

by JJ M and Sally P (Machon)

Last week was chofesh (holidays) providing all machonikim with a much needed rest. People dispersed all around Israel enjoying Seder with family and friends. From there people spread to a variety of places and activities, from camping on the beaches of West Israel, sleeping in Ranana, and frolicking in the Negev. For the last five days of holiday all of Netzer went to Zorba the Buddhist festival. This festival was made up of fourteen world’s including shamanism world, yoga world, theatre world, breaking world, and contact and movement world. We took part in sessions, some of which were named AUM, Seven Minutes in Heaven, Don’t Think About Elephants, Rebirthing followed by Tibetan bowls, and The didgeridoo as a relief to breathing problems. After 5 crazy days (and nights under the stars) Netzer came away enlightened, relaxed and ready to start the program again.

Sunday: Began with a well deserved line-up, before lessons began again. The new and improved structure of leadership glasses was introduced to us, and everyone caught up with one another throughout the day.

Monday: Normal classes then yom tnua (movement time). Etgar were on a seminar, so it was just us Machon-nicks who enjoyed a program run for us about gender stereotypes.

Tuesday: We were lucky enough to be taken to Yad Vashem for Yom Israel this week, which was a humbling experience. There we were offered the opportunity to do either a regular tour or, for those of us who have been there before, an alternative tour. Afterwards we had the privilege of hearing a Holocaust Survivor speak about her experiences.

Wednesday: After classes, Machon split off into groups to take part in a program called Memories @ Home, where we travelled to various houses to hear stories from  Holocaust survivors. We heard from a lady who divulged her experience of being hidden from the Nazis, constantly moving from place to place throughout the war. It was truly inspiring and we will take that story away with us.

Weekly report by Rose P and Johnny B (Etgar)

Wednesday I danced for a while, it was fun.  Then I sat for a while.  Then I had a smoothie, it was nice.

On Thursday I went on a trip to my tent at Zorba.  I sat in the tent for a while with my friends.  Then I left the tent.  Then I danced for a bit.  Some people went to sessions, I didn’t.  Then I did some drawing, it was fun.  Some people went in the pool, I didn’t.

On Friday I slept the entire day.  Some people danced, some people meditated, I didn’t.  It was cold.  I ate a vegan shawarama, it tasted nice.  Then I went back to bed.

On Saturday  we left Zorba, we got a coach back, the bus ride was long.  Some of us got pizza, it was tasty.  Some of us watched Freaks and Geeks, it was fun.

On Sunday we had an army seminar, it was interesting.  We met a lawyer, he was interesting.  I watched some more Freaks and Geeks, it was nice.

On Monday we went to Tel Aviv for more of the army seminar.  We met someone who did the instagram for the IDF, she was cool.  We went to Galgalatz, the biggest radio station in Israel, run by the IDF, it was fun.  They gave us key chains.  Then we went to a military boarding school, we got a tour, they were very nice and interesting.

On Tuesday we had normal lessons.  They were interesting.  In the evening some people went to machon, I didn’t.

On Wednesday I went shopping in the shuk, it was fun, we bought lots of food.  But only vegan food.  Then I watched some Geordie shore.  Some people went to a service, I didn’t.

The life of Rose, written by Jonny.

Weekly report by Aleksa D and Jessica J  (Etgar)