5th March 2015

From Jason K (Netzer Australia), Jordan W-H (Netzer Australia) and Arielle M (Netzer Australia) and Josh P (LJY)

Sunday Morning, everyone was up bright and early, ready to start the new week. This was the beginning of our third week of classes, so people were starting to feel adjusted to the weekly routine of Machon. The lessons, as per usual, were very interesting and engaging. A particular highlight being the class “Israeli society- now and then,” where we learnt in depth about the differing forms of zionism. Once classes were finished for the day, adrenaline started pumping as the entire Machzor was preparing for a blockbuster clash in the Machon world cup, Netzer North vs Habonim Dror. After what was a very competitive where the lead changed hands multiple times, Netzer North came away with a hard fought 7-6 victory.

Classes continued to be engaging throughout the remainder of the week. On Monday Netzer came together for Yom Tnua, discussing the creation of the State of Israel. This weeks Ma’amad, led by Annie and Dan, or more accurately the entire Kvutsah (group), allowed us to take control of our own service as Annie and Dan prepared a prayer service which enabled us to create our own meaning and atmosphere.

Definitely the highlight of the week was Tuesday’s Yom Israel, with the day starting off with different workshops involving sketching, theatre and other methods of performance. These workshops allowed us to learn more about our own identities and the importance of being yourself. Following that, Machon travelled to Holon to visit the Blind and Deaf museum. The program enables visitors to experience the struggles that the visually and hearing impaired have to cope with on a daily basis. These museums also demonstrated how deaf and blind people communicate with others, showing us how things such as body language or tone of voice have an impact on how such people interact with others.

All in all, Machon has been a truly rewarding experience so far, with everyone learning heaps and getting along well. With Purim and our pioneers tiyul on the horizon, the next week is shaping up to be truly unforgettable.


Jason and Jordan

This week in etgar was dominated by a string of Birthdays and purim preparation. We started the week with our Thursday tiyul to the ruins of the temple in Jerusalem. here we discussed the benefits of constructive controversy looking at historical http://your-pharmacies.com debates between the schools of hillel and shamei (although some of them ended up killing eachother so how constructive that was I’m not sure). Our shabbat was spent pretty similarly to every shabbat on etgar where we would sleep until lunch, wake up to have lunch, and then go back to sleep until many machoniks invade our flat with noise and talk of other movements.

Saturday we controversially agreed to celebrate Rachel’s 4 and 3/4s birthday despite her having no real date to celebrate this year as being born on a leap year means her Birthday doesn’t really exist. As for her birthday wish we turned the etgar flat into Lotan pub which brought back a wave of nostalgia for some as we borrowed the projector from Anna to display the classic national geographic videos that Avi was so fond of. The next day we continued discussing our group volunteering projects working out how we could possibly survive without electricity or animal byproducts for a week.

Monday was our last day of classes before our seminar and most of them had a strong theme of Purim throughout as we made masks and discussed the reasons behind some of the classic Purim traditions. Tuesday we began our ‘Gaps in Israeli society’ seminar looking at the poverty line in Israel and challenging ourselves to feed all 17 of us with just 36 shekels and whilst Anna believed it to be impossible we proved her wrong by spending just 30 shekels for an adequate meal of rice and tomato soup.

Wednesday was walty’s Birthday which was celebrated by turning the toilet into a throne for the Durry King’s morning  session before we headed to Tel Aviv for the final part of our seminar. The highlight of the concluding day was meeting with Daphni Leef who organised the tent protest in Israel after finding that rent prices were just impossible to pay who talked to us about the problems in both Israeli and wider society. In the evening Walter’s birthday celebrations were rounded off by a phallic shaped cake made by the resident Birthday chef and son of Susan: Jonny. The stream of birthdays are still not over, however, as some of us went out to a purim party to celebrate Arielle’s birthday as the clock struck 12

from your beloved etgarniks

Josh and Arielle (the birthday girl)