5th December 2014

From Jonathan Bensusan Bash

This week was dominated by an incident in the ecokef involving myself, Jonny, and the one and only Rachel, the part time feminist and mulch loving gal herself. We were set the most joyous task of building a tressle for some beautiful tomatoes. Unfortunately, this simple construction task became quite the balagan due to Rachel’s lack of knot tying skills. I was most patient in explaining to her the exceedingly simple knot we were using, but could she do it? I think knot. I attempted explaining, I attempted showing, we tried doing the knots simultaneously so she could follow along… To no avail. Even the calming presence of the one and only Sarah Grabiner did not help.  Rachel’s excuse for this appalling behaviour was that she is just a fun loving mulching kind of gal. In the end I had to tie the entire tressles myself, not an easy job to do alone,  i can tell you.

Now through rest of the week, through mud work, through the kibbutz tummy bug plague, and through our first yom chinuch, which was wonderful with yoga a maamad and Tikkun olam, Rachel does nothing but complain about my perfectly reasonable criticism of her tressling skills and claims that I always criticise her. What a balagan.

In other news, we had a wonderful singing bonfire with people on the kibbutz. We also had a potluck with very tasty food, no tressled tomatoes in sight. Just today we had a visit from Shmichael, where he was informed of the tressling debacle. Altogether, we have had a wonderful week, we’ve all been enjoying kibbutz life immensely.