26th February 2015

From Esther Raffell, Joe Glyn-Davies and Marcus Friedlander (Netzer Australia)

M – mechina
We visited a mechina on Tuesday, which is like a pre-army institute some Israeli 18 year olds choose to go to. It was so interesting talking to the teenagers there, and realising how different our lives would be now if we’d lived here for the last 18 years. Equally, learning about their educational programme, we realised how similar it was to the machon, including the values and ideas it aimed to examine and develop with its participants.
A – active
The Machon World cup continued this week, with a Netzer vs Netzer derby game. It was won by Netzer North FC, but it was really a victory for Netzer, with the game played in great spirit with a great attitude.
There was also an optional trip to Machane Yehuda, the shuk (market) in the centre of Jerusalem.  We wondered around, sourcing a few good restaurants and bars, and buying a range of fruit, nuts and other food on the shuk.
C – classes
We had our first proper week of classes – they’re all so interesting, ranging from Gender and Leadership to Sustainability to Drama and everything in between. There were a number of fiery debates and discussions which extended outside of the classroom, particularly from judaism classes, and Israel engagement. These have certainly set the tone for a diverse intellectual environment for the rest of Machon.
H – happy
As a couple of Brits, we’ve forgotten what its like to be amazed by snow. But throw a couple of Aussies and South Africans in and suddenly we are confirming that snow is indeed falling, and seeing them sprint out into it was very very funny. I imagine they’ll have the same feeling when the temperature hits around 17/18.
O – opportunity
I have realised that being on machon gives me such an opportunity to learn, not only from our teachers but from all the other movements here. The pluralist environment created breeds such a fantastic space for debate, and they are all in such good spirit. I think we have managed to break a lot of movement stereotypes and talk to people rather than movements and that is fantastic
N – next week
We are all so excited for the rest of our time on Machon, and all that that will encompass. But that’s all for now, tune in next week for some more Machon brilliance. Stay classy Netzer.

Sorry its late

Joe and Esther

Weekly report by Marcus F (Etgar)

“This week I decided to check in with the Etgar Kvutzah about how they found the week. However, there’s a bit of a twist…”

My weekly report can be found here: http://youtu.be/GhMu6m0F-OU

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Marcus Friedlander.