15th January 2015

From Bethany Castle and Ruth Steinman

highlights of last week other than food:

Sandstorm hike, geranium tea, Mara & all star Eco song was born


Thursday- Potluck Asian cuisine Annie and rachel.

Meditation sanctuary work with Gilad


Friday- Rain, disc golf, Fran and Beth, pub



Fran and Beth

Ma amad at back of Eco

Wine o clock mit sweet potato fries

Host families – mine massive cuties, balloon animals and bant



Planting new seedlings with Keren

Rain aftermath

Hair cuts (max, dan and I)



Silent spiritual seed balling with hilary

Hugle party, pelted hugle pile with seed balls finished with cake and songs – http://permaculturenews.org/2010/08/03/the-art-and-science-of-making-a-hugelkultur-bed-transforming-woody-debris-into-a-garden-resource/ (hugle to hearts content)

Eilat, piercings and beer



Date lads – Rachel and Ron walk off into the sunset

Sharing circle with Debbie, pretty paintings



Compost tea making, special pumps

Top coat mud balagan

Emotions neutralised with ice cream

Bye bye Netzer veidahnicks


Short and sweet

All my love

Bethany Ellen Castle


Weekly report by Ruth S (Carmiel)


Hello friends and parents!

Much has happened since the last update, so I’ll try to keep it short.

The whole country shut down after a little bit of rain this week, so Thursday’s tiyul was cancelled. Instead, an impromptu bread baking session was run, which I have heard was fun if rather irrelevant. I can’t give much information as I was in Tel Aviv at the time.

Friday marked the start of our first weekend with our newest shnattie Esther, and so we held Esther-fest to mark her arrival (a f-esther-ival). Johnny and Ollie happened to be visiting from Lotan, and so they joined in the kef. Overall there were about 4 hours of planned activates, including two services, as well as a large brunch at one of the flats.

Another interesting happenstance was our invitation to a chabad family for Friday night dinner (chabad is the very religious traditional movement which aims to promote Judaism in a very honest and non-judgmental way). Seven of us went and had a delightful evening with the couple and their four (nearly five) very young children. They are honestly some of the nicest people I’ve met yet in Israel. That may be because the father was originally Canadian, but take from that what you will.

Sunday’s Hebrew lesson was as brilliant as ever, and the following session with Shmichael was equally entertaining. His favourite game featured, and I would love to tell you what it was but honestly I’m not entirely sure what happened during it…

The RSY movement worker Ben Chrome along with two of last years’ shnatties (Beth and Fran) visited us this week, just before heading off to Netzer Veidah on Wednesday. It was lovely to see them, and especially lovely to be bought dinner. Two German Netzer-nicks also spent a couple of nights with us before veidah.

Thats all!

Have a good week everybody J