13th November 2014

From Alex Littaua (NIFTY)

Hi there! Here is the basic “ma korre” (what’s happening) for this week.

Thursday began with weekly garden work in the biodiverse farm project on Kibbutz Lotan. Later in the day, the Shinshinim (Israelis volunteering on Kibbutz Lotan) planned a great activity involving lots of paint in an all-out colour war. Thursday ended with arguably one of the best potlucks we have had as group thus far.

The following day started by learning the biogas in the Bustan neighbourhood which had once again ceased to function normally- cue decomposing food scrap smell in the kitchen area. After having breakfast cheer us up just slightly, nothing much was planned for the day except the last kabbalat shabbat with our Aussie friends. Ensued a night filled with kef as we spent our last moments with the Southern Shnatties.

Saturday saw the group attending a peace rally at the Yitzhak Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, honouring the former prime minister who was assassinated for spreading the same message almost twenty years ago. The rally was seen as inspiring for us, and a powerful experience to see youth from all movements come together that day. However, some us were unfortunately unable to attend, and worked hard producing a film to greet our Southern Shnatties arriving early next year.

Beginning the Israeli week anew on Sunday, we learned how the idea of reform zionism came about from the founder of reform zionism himself, Michael Livni. It was the one of the best presentations that we have attended yet while on Kibbutz Lotan. Later in the day, the we split into our normal Hebrew class groups, compounding and improving Hebrew little by little. To end the day on a high note, a dance instructor on the kibbutz had a private session with us. Throughout the night, we learned new Israeli dances, and laughed at the stumbles along the way.

Monday had us piling into a bus and driving to Eilat for Mitzvah Day. Overall, the group volunteered for the organization WIZO, helping two of their daycare centres and one of the secondhand shops down south. The day ended with another Asefah, building new standards as the community we are.

Finally, we spent all of Tuesday hiking within the Timna Valley National Park in the southwestern Arava. Surrounded by beautiful granite, limestone, and sandstone formations, we pushed through wadi after wadi, and climbed countless mountains, ending the hike with an ice cream. No injuries outside a few minor scrapes, the we safely made in back to Kibbutz Lotan just in time for dinner.


Smiling and Shining with Love,

The Northern Shnatties