What is the Reform Movement’s approach to same sex marriage?

Answered by Rabbi Debbie Young Somers

The Reform Movement has changed its approach over many years as we are a movement that is not Reformed, but Reform – constantly renewing and growing. Reform Synagogues have been offering Gay Jewish weddings for around a decade already, and we are proud to have been part of the coalition that campaigned for marriage equality, meaning our rabbis can now perform a same sex Chuppah which, like a heterosexual chuppah, can be a legal British marriage at the same time (so the couple don’t need a separate civil ceremony). These have now been happening in our synagogues for the last part of 2014, since legislation changed. Members of the Transsexual community have also celebrated legal chuppot in Reform synagogues.

Here is some info on our support for Marriage Equality


On the first civilly recognised Gay Chuppah


And on the first time civil partnerships were upgraded to marriages and marked with chuppot


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