Machane Briyah

Machane Briyah – Creation (school years 5-6, 10-11 year olds)

2019 Dates: Tuesday 6th August – Tuesday 13th August

Applications are now open!

To apply, click the link above!

Additionally, if you are based in London, you may also want to apply for our Garinim (Day camp), from 29th July – 2nd August, the week before Briyah begins. The initial interest form can be found above!

If you have any questions please contact Alyson Joseph on 020 8349 5666 or

Briyah is our summer camp for 10-11 years olds (school years 5-6) which is the youngest age group we run residential camps for.

Following feedback, Briyah is now one week.  You will be able to enjoy your first RSY-Netzer residential experience, without being worried about being away from home for too long, so that you can completely concentrate on having fun!

On Briyah, over seven incredible days of camp, you’ll meet amazing people from all over the country and become part of a caring and friendly community of chanichim (participants) and madrichim (leaders) who together will build the ultimate camp experience.

Every day on Briyah is full of excitement. The day will start with energising morning fun and you’ll enjoy a selection of Nossim (specialist project groups which could include art, outdoor survival, and cooking). You’ll explore Reform Judaism and Israel through amazing interactive peulot (programmes), choosing incredible activities like capture the flag, super science, drama, discos, as well as adventure sessions like climbing and water activities.

Whether you have a passion for art or you are a sports fanatic, there is something on Briyah for everyone. Briyah will be a summer to remember, full of fun, friends, and more!