Shemesh Information For Parents

Applying and Finding Out More

The Shemesh Brochure for 2018 is coming soon. Please click here for the initial interest form to ensure that you receive an email with our applications as soon as they are released.

Meanwhile if you have any questions please contact Alyson Joseph on 020 8349 5666 or

Financial Support

We want everyone who wants to participate in an RSY-Netzer event to be able to do so and we know that this can be financially challenging. We have a Fund that is there specifically for this. Please apply!

Financial Support can be requested for all programmes if you cannot cover the complete cost. You can find the financial assistance form online once applications have been released.


RSY-Netzer is a youth movement run by young people for young people. Shemesh camps run for 10-15 year olds and are staffed by 17-23 year old volunteers. In addition each camp has an adult Welfare Officer and Medic.

Most of our Madrichim (leaders) were themselves participants on Shemesh and in RSY-Netzer for a number of years.  Our Madrichim are often seen as positive Jewish role models that create a sense of inspiration and pride for the young people. We believe this is a very powerful educational tool.

A lot of time and effort is put into training these volunteer Madrichim and supporting them throughout our events. The Madrichim spend much of June and July preparing themselves and sessions for Shemesh, and work tirelessly to provide an exciting and stimulating experience for young people. They are supported by the RSY-Netzer full time movement workers and the Youth Department staff.


In the run up to Shemesh we provide parents with all the details about camp by email and further details are available on our website. In June there will be Parents’ Information Evenings in London, Manchester and Leeds. In early July, we will send an information email detailing travel arrangements, kit list, contact details plus additional information that may be required. Before camp, you will be given an emergency number, which will be available 24/7. During camp, we aim to tweet pictures so that you can keep up to date. This is dependent on an adequate wifi signal on camp.

Welfare Supervision

At RSY-Netzer, we pride ourselves on our professional approach towards the health and safety of our participants. We employ a Senior Welfare Officer who is based at the Sternberg Centre all year round. In addition, we have an experienced Welfare Officer on each camp who is on call 24/7. These Welfare Officers are people with professional experience as teachers or working with young people, and generally have a youth movement background themselves.

Our aim is to always create a warm and safe atmosphere for our participants and we are the only youth movement to offer this level of professional support. To complement this, our leaders are trained in welfare issues, as part of their leadership training course.

RSY-Netzer operates an inclusive approach towards accommodating all young people where possible. We are able to support young people with a range of medical, physical, social and emotional issues. For your child’s benefit, it is essential that even sensitive information is given to us. On the medical and welfare form, please include all details that will allow us to support your child during this event. We are able to accommodate many special needs but withholding medical and/or welfare information could lead to your child being withdrawn from the event.

We take both confidentiality and compliance with national standards for child welfare very seriously. After your form has been returned; if anything changes, or any new welfare and medical needs arise, please advise us as soon as possible. This will enable us to best provide for your child.

Buddy System

RSY-Netzer welcomes new participants. We have set up a buddy system to allow our participants to make new friends before Shemesh starts and to make their first experience on camp all the more enjoyable. If your child would like to be put in contact with someone from your area before camp please let us know by contacting Alyson on  020 8349 5666. Please note we will endeavour to find someone in your area, however, we are not able to guarantee this.

Mobile Phones

RSY-Netzer understands that mobile phones are commonplace and we recognise your need to be in contact with your child/ren. We also believe that part of what makes the camp experience so special is the opportunity for young people to bond with their peers away from home. In order to maintain this balance between contact with parents and ensuring we create a special camp atmosphere, RSY-Netzer has the following policy regarding mobile phones:

Participants will hand in mobile phones at the start of camp. They will then be given back their mobile phone at agreed days and times to phone home. If for some reason parents are not available to speak then, in special circumstances, alternative arrangements can be made.

If you need to contact your child urgently there is a dedicated emergency phone for you operating 24/7 during Shemesh.