NETZAFON: RSY-Netzer fun in the North

Netzafon is a new exciting programme set up for all of the northern communities. It is a chance to get together and enjoy the RSY- Netzer environment and have lots of kef (fun) all year round! Each of the 5 Netzafon weekends will be bursting with exciting peulot (activities), sports, creative Jewish education and on some of the weekends you will have the chance to enjoy site activities and team building tasks on an outdoor site. Over the course of the year you will make new friends, and see them throughout the year and either continue on your RSY-Netzer Journey, or get the perfect introduction to RSY-Netzer so your journey can begin.

For more details contact or call her on 020 8349 5666.

Years 4-8

If you are in year 4-8 come along to Netzafon for 5 weekends full of kef, lots of activities and an amazing RSY-Netzer atmosphere. If you have never been on camp before it is the perfect way to experience the camp environment and if you have been before then it is your chance to re-discover the excitement of RSY-netzer. There will be peulot full of kef, Jewish twists, games, sport and creativity. Expect 5 fun filled weekends so sign up to Netzafon now.

Things to expect:

  • Enjoyable varied activities
  • Creative Shabbat services
  • Delicious food
  • Time with friends
  • Outdoor fun
  • Loud chanting
  • Choosing your own activities

Years 9-10

Are you in year 9 or 10, looking to fill your weekends with some amazing RSY kef and begin your hadracha (leadership) journey? Then join Netzafon for 5 weekends of hadracha (leadership) training, team building and practical hadracha. Over the course of the year you will discover how to become a synagogue leader within your community, build on your leadership skills, write and run peulot for each other and for years 4-8 to gear yourself up for the RSY-Netzer Course Hadracha in year 11. Get involved in loads of exciting and varied fun sessions, immerse yourself in RSY-Netzer, make new RSY-Netzer friends from around the North and discover your creativity as a synagogue leader.

Things to expect:

  • Leadership development
  • Amazing Shabbat services
  • Time with friends
  • Team building
  • Group discussions
  • Creative peulot
  • Planning and writing your own peulot (activities)