Chagim Netzer

Chagim Netzer (1)

This year we have our new Chagim Netzer events, a series of events celebrating Jewish festivals, with opportunities for chinuch and bringing Reform Judaism to RSY-Netzer at new and exciting points of the year.

With Chagim Netzer we are aiming to improve the movement’s celebration of chagim by holding events on four separate festivals. Also giving our chaverim more year round engagement with RSY-Netzer in fun filled educational celebrations.

The events will be an opportunity for us to show our support to certain social action projects. We will be raising awareness and giving our information on these projects and also using them to raise money for the particular projects.

Copy of Chagim Netzer newOn Sukkot we are taught that we should invite others into our Sukkah to share in our food and drink with us, so we are asking you to bring any friends you would like to come and join us in the Sukkah (weather permitting!) to share in our food, drink and kef! (fun!). We will also be thinking about those who it is our responsibility to show greater hospitality to in our society and who need shelter at this Sukkot. With the refugee crisis nowhere near resolved, we will be raising money for the World Jewish Relief appeal, helping refugees in the Middle East who need a Sukkat Shalom (a shelter of peace) desperately at this time. There will also be information about ways to do more for those who are interested.

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Chanukah im Netzer

Come and Join us for our chanukah party this december (13th)! We will be having a fun filled bright party lighting up the room with all the chanukiot and candles. Come and celebrate as we light the chanukah candles together, play dreidel  and win all the chanukah gelt you can. On this event we will be supporting the UJIA backed Equalizer project, we will be telling you all about what they do to bring people from all kinds of backgrounds in Israel together through the means of football and how you can get involved.

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Join us at Pesach for an RSY-Netzer seder.Pesach im Netzer With a classic reform seder run in an RSY-Netzer style come and celebrate with us and feast upon a large meal we will prepare for you. Remember the story of the exodus from the exile in Egypt to the being set free. From Matzah to Marror, and Charozet to boiled eggs, we’ll bring it all. At our seder we will be supporting and educating on the work done by ARDC (African Refugee Development Center) supporting refugees in israel.

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Shavuot im NetzerAt Shavout come join us