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Shnat Nof 13th January 2017

By Max Klass This week was our first full week back since returning from our Chofesh adventures. Those who volunteer in the Western Galilee school finally carried out the project they’ve been working on since they got here. The kids “flew” to England, went to Glastonbury and met the Queen. According to Josh: “It went down an absolute treat”. That day, …

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Shnat Nof 29th December 2016

Dear parents, shnattim, bogrim, bogrot, communities and friends shalom rav, We hope you are well! This week we have a different update, as our shnattim are currently on a well- needed Hanukkah break. First candle of Hanukkah was lit last Saturday night, and most of our shnattim left their home base in Ma’alot, and started their journeys across the country. Some found themselves in …

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Shnat Nof 16th December 2016

By Emma Jacobs A lot of us had been worried about the ‘tikkun’ period. It marks the start of our second chapter of shnat, our first big ‘move’ (which is hard with all the merchandise we’re acquiring) and one of the biggest bouts of goodbyes we will have to say over these 8 months. It has the potential to be incredibly …

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Shnat Nof 9th December 2016

By Eve and Josh We began the week with our final gardening session with Adam which involved complaining, weed picking and sawing down trees. Afterwards, we had our last session with the legendary Michal Livni, our reform zionist hero who held a fascinating discussion about the Netzer dilemma. Our last few days on Lotan involved many photoshoots and goodbye’s. We spent …

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Shnat Update Nof 2nd December 2016

By Ilana and Josh Thursday began in its usual way, ulpan class with some practical gardening with Adam. We then had an interesting discussion with Michael Livny about Tikkun Olam and how we as individuals can incorporate these ideas into our daily lives back at home. Shabbat was a highlight for many as went to our host families for a …

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Shnat Nof 18th November 2016

It’s been another busy week on Lotan. So in the morning on Thursday we did landscape gardening with Daniel and that was a  very fulfilling experience. We worked really hard at it and we all felt like we accomplished something in that session. After lunch we had a processing session on the US election, and a discussion on what we …

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Shnat Nof 11th November 2016

  This week our lovely Shnatties have made a video for us letting us know what they’ve been up to! For more pictures, Shnat news, and to see some pieces our Shnatties present and past have written, click here!