Shnat Nof 24th March 2017

Weekly update by Asha Sumroy   Nearly all of us have spent most of the week coughing and blowing our noses (maybe because we’re still recovering from Purim, maybe because we never open the windows in the flat). In spite of this, I’ve felt a sense of determination to continue challenging ourselves to step up the level of discussion in …


Shnat Nof 17th march 2017

Weekly update by Tom Krieser Last week was a Purim-centric week. What I learned was that everyone has a unique experience to Purim. As a result i have asked for a multitude of Netzer-Niks’ take on this incredible experience (and some costume photos too)           Abraham- Erev Purim the shuk machane Yehuda, usually bustling slice of daily …


Shnat Nof 10th March 2017

Weekly update by Ilana Braham Shalom, It has been another busy week for Machon. We started the week with a closed Shabbat, meaning that all of English Machon stayed at kiryat moriah to enjoy a peer led communal Shabbat. Kabbalat Shabbat was organised so that everyone could experience a service that reflected their Jewish identities. All the netzerniks attended the egalitarian …


Shnat Nof 3rd March 2017

Etgar: Weekly update by Elinor Knox and Mili Haber  Machon Weekly update by Abraham Rosa  Machon L’Madrichei Chutz LaAretz News flash: This week was officially week 1 of the official Machon weekly class tochnit (schedule). The following is said to have occurred. >Yom Rishon /Leadership Class: we decided upon the class environment and later revised a formula for learning from case studies of …

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Shnat Nof 24th February 2017

Weekly update by Adam Keren-Black  Our first week in the Etgar flat has certainly been a full one. We’ve done such a lot together, learning about Zionism, Judaism, gender and far more than I could list, and the learning has certainly not only been in our structured programs. Personally, in our non-structured time I learnt how to play the game …

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Shnat Nof 17th February 2017

Our lovely shnatties have embarked on the final part of their programme! The shnatties have chosen between Machon, an inter-movement education institute, and Etgar, a Netzer-run communal-living education programme, and have been joined by the Southern Netzer participants from Australia and South Africa! From now on, our updates will include parts from both Machon and Etgar! ETGAR, by Jess Mindel  …

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Shnat Nof 10th February 2017

Weekly update by Jayme Garland  Goodbye Me’ona, hello Jerusalem! This week has had its fair share of ups and downs, sad goodbyes and happy hellos, lost socks and found possessions. Here are a few of the most memorable moments… We started this week, and concluded a chapter of this journey, at Amir’s pub in his home Mitzpe Hila. His generosity …


Shnat Nof 3rd February 2017

Check out the weekly update this week from Dan and Elinor! For more updates, photos, and to see the beginning of the Southern Netzer Shnat – click here!


Shnat Nof 27th January 2016

Weekly update by Jayme Garland The top 8 things that have happened with Shnat Nof this week: We have almost completed our penultimate week here in the North, and this week has been as busy as ever. Jam-packed full of volunteering, kef and extra special guests! On Thursday evening, we had a session with the youth involved in magic moments. …

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Shnat Nof 20th January 2017

Ilana Braham    This week we met our new Hebrew teacher, Ella, who is helping us fulfil many of our Shnataims of learning Hebrew. As part of our Hebrew this week, Ella showed us around her kibbutz whilst explaining the area in Hebrew. We ended the tour at the kibbutz café where we ordered ice cream, chips, and coffee in Hebrew. Some …